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     Nous Defions was founded in 2013 by Jeff Perez. Jeff felt a desire to create an apparel company that would bridge the gap between the Warriors Ethos adopted by the United States Special Forces and the Brazilian jiu-jitsu / military community. Nous Defions LLC is an attitude apparel company that would live up to the Nous Defions motto (we defy). His desire is to exemplify the importance of The Warriors’ Ethos which is embedded in a culture that embraces violence while fighting for the American way of life - a way of life that is dedicated to promulgating the pursuit of freedom for generations to come. Nous Defions is an American made company that provides clothing and goods that support local farms and businesses that only make American Made products. 

     In 2011, Nous Defions developed a love for the Shoyoroll brand and the jiu-jitsu lifestyle. After a three year creative relationship Nous Defions partnered with Shoyoroll and Dual Forces to create the first ever Special Forces Gi. Our close relationship and desire for excellence continues to push the limits of design, targeting those with a desire to follow brands that do not conform to the mainstream but rather rebel against it.

     In 2013, we partnered with TS Designs. An American Made company that produces cotton in North and South Carolina.  500-600 farms are suppported by TS designs and Nous Defions. Today, TS Designs still sells largely to local, environmentally and socially-conscious businesses and organizations that make up The Green Movement, but also prints for any organization looking for a better quality product with a better environmental and social impact. Help us to be an example of a successful triple bottom line business as we continuously work to improve our social and environmental influence. 

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